Ltd. Dynamics Interlayn is entitled to act in the name and on befalf of the customer may perform the following operations:

The full package of documents required to be submitted to the customs authorities includes:

- documents of registration (certificate of state registration of legal entity, incorporation documents, sertificate of registration in tax authorities, information about oppening accounts and statistical codes;

- commercial documents – (the contract , transaction contract, specification on load, invoice banking data of partners and pricing conditions and terms of delivery;

- shipping documents – air, rail, international, road CMR, waybills or consigment (for sea shipping), unit packing list, act of shipment;

- approval documents – licenses, certificates and permits, serving as a proof of origin;

- Payment documents – custom order, cheque of electronic terminal or cash receipt of making funds.

You can count on Dinamika Inter Line for speeding up the procedure of customs formalities and avoiding the financial risks. Huge practical experience allows employees to provide all kinds of import and export operations in a minimum time.

Dinamika Inter Like is ready to provide a high-qualified helf in choice of optimal customs regime, in preparing a packege of documents required for clearance of cargo and the most convinietnt methods of filling them out. Our experience in a work with different groups of goods helps to achieve the maximul level of efficiency in successful customs check.

Difficulties may arrise in the stages of checking the country of cargo origin, various kinds of payment, certificates and licences or currency inspections. Specialists of Dinamika Inter Line resolve all of these difficulties.

Moreover, the staff of the company will assume the clearance of goods declaration for importation or exportation according to manner prescripted and will carry out the electronic declaration of goods.

One of the most important of factor of fast custom clearance is the correct defining of HS code. This code helps avoid difficulties in the future, as it defines:

- the amount of impost;

- the neccessity of using non-tarif measures of resolution;

- correct cutoms and general statistics of foreign trade activities;

- desisions, made by customs inspector or customs applicant in case of breach in the Customs code of the Russian Federation.

Our company will help you to deal with more than 20 kinds of code lists, which includes code lists of

- countries;

- currency;

- type of customs procedure;

- types of haulage and modes of transport;

- aspects of the transfer of cargo etc.

These include:

- declaration of Customs value;

- declaration of the adjustment to customs values and other documents.

Remember that timely submission documents to the customs authorities equally important to the correct filling them out. Electronic declaration is sent using a special softwear in the form of electonic documents in XML format.

Dinamika Inter Line represents the interests of the customers while passing customs formalities and monitors the process of costoms procedures.

Custom payments is an integral part of Foreign Economic Activity. They include:

- VAT (value-added tax rate);

- excise tax;

- import-export duties on goods;

- payment for cargo storage.

Dinamika Inter Line helps to calculate the amount of customs payment according to cargo type, weight and price for minimization of expences.

Filling out the transpor documents have to manage according to international practice, Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods, convention on the International Carriage of Goods by Road, and Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

Dinamika Inter Line helps in filling out all documents that are required: Accounting Documents, packing lists, act of loads, and waybills for cargo transportation..

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